Metal Making! :D

2011-11-07 07:12:14 by ILOVECAKE

Finally!! I am now making metal! In 2 days, I've posted 2 songs, CUZ IM SO INSPIRED NOW! I love metal, so its so fun to make! Please check out "America" and "Hello God". I will also soon be done with a song for my GF... :P

-Toxic :)

Metal Making! :D


2011-02-10 06:28:18 by ILOVECAKE

Flash CS5 Code, anyone? Please!



2011-02-09 15:18:20 by ILOVECAKE

WTF. I suck at Flash. If someone please could make me a tutorial for Flash animating, I would have been glad.


2010-02-03 11:37:17 by ILOVECAKE

I have started to bake a cake. Nah. But, I'm baking a 8BIT song, or, 8BIT songs. So.... POTATO! Bya bya boa boa buo buo! Ha en fin dag! (Means "Have a nice day"... :P)